Process Automation

From modules designed to automate resident support and unit maintenance to complete online form automation with eSignatures, ResidentCentral can simplify and streamline typical functions within your private community

ResidentCentral - Process Automation
ResidentCentral - Process Automation

Resident Support

Manage the entire resident support lifecycle – from request to task assignment and/or contracting to closure with ease. Use workflows, automation, and AI to save time and lower the cost of managing any type of resident request. 

Community Maintenance

Manage the entire community maintenance lifecycle– from task identification and assignment to contracting and closure. Use workflows, automation, and AI to save time and lower the cost of managing any type of community maintenance. 

eForms with Digital Signatures

Take advantage of eDocuments, complete with eSignatures to ensure documents are legally binding. Receive email notice of completed forms and access them privately on-line. t’s safer, less expensive and much more efficient than managing unwieldy paper trails.

Digital Recordkeeping

Utililze a central, secure hub to store and access community documents and records.  Utilize our advanced search tool to access them anytime, anywhere.

Complete Process Automation. As little as $19.95/ month.

More about Process Automation

Private Community Expertise

Working specifically with private communities, our processes and management tools ensure communities save time and money through state-of-the-art technology.

Integrated Search

Access any support requests, maintenance updates, executed forms, stored documents and more with our powerful integrated search tool.

Lightning-Fast Access to Information

Our servers are built with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors, setup with Varnish, a fast web server stack, and locked down from intruders.

Unmatched Security

ResidentCentral forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL) that cryptographically establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser ensuring data remains private.


ResidentCentral - Process Automation

“We switched to their enterprise property management system and saved so much money and received a much better product for residents”

“If I could rate ReisdentCentral above 100%, I definitely would for going the extra mile on our integrations.”

“Their knowledge or property management, HOAs and the importance of convenience for residents is amazing. Totally recommended!”

“Can’t recommend a better team to take our HOA to the next level. We have saved so much time and money with ResidentCentral. Thank you guys!”

Get Started

What can i expect?
1. A brief email dialogue or phone conversation (your choice) to assess what ResidentCentral can do to help your property management company
2. Live product demo inclusive of management tools (which are completely free to use) as well as insight into how to get the most benefit from ResidentCentral.
3. No commitment required and no pushy sales pitch.  

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